You are a coach or counselor and you deal with other people who need help on a daily basis, but you have no personal experience of overcoming anxiety and panic attacks or healing your body from illness -
his is for you if you are a lifestyle coach or consultant and you sincerely want to make your clients' inner world a better place!

You are a person who has gone to various therapies but needs specific help to heal your inner child and sore roots or get rid of excruciating diseases.

You feel that you or your loved one can no longer suffer and that no one seems to be able to help you anymore - it is for you!

I'll share with you my experiential techniques on how you can heal yourself and fast.

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I'm Evelin, coach and consultant.
Thank you for reaching me!

I have used my experience, coaching and consulting skills on my clients since 2016.
During this time, I have performed more than 5 000 hours of client sessions to release symptoms of illness, crisis, anxiety and panic attacks. 

I have worked with couples, people diagnosed with cancer, as well have been a support person to disabled-, suicidal people, victims of violence, and to individuals labeled "mentally ill".

A 1: 1 consulting is for you, if you are a person who has attended various therapies, but something is still missing - the wanted inner peace.

I will teach you how to heal the roots of your pain and suffering, find and heal your wounded inner-child, and help cleanse your body and heal yourself from torturous illnesses.

When you feel that you no longer want to suffer and are ready to make a difference in your life - it's your time!


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"To be fully healed and feel no more pain and suffering we have to give it enough focus to ascertain the roots thereof!"

"The roots of pain and suffering must be healed in order to achieve complete healing!"

"Today I am grateful for all my past experiences! Now I can use the gift and experience I received from Life to help and heal you!"

- Evelin
I'll help you find a way out of worry, stress, crisis, loneliness, burnout,phobia, conflict, domestic violence, anxiety, anxiety disorder, panicattacks, or physical illness to reunite with your lost Self and return toyour inner peace and well-being.
The method I use will help you overcome difficulties, learn from my similar experiences, receive guidance and support to cope with yourstory, achieve healing, recovery, peace, and happiness.

Becoming Free from Fear; Worry, Stress, Depression, Phobia, Anxiety, Panic, Suicidal Thoughts, Illness or Whatever The Case Maybe!

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