…walking on the streets - feeling joyful - exploring art gallery - going on vacation - brunching on the beach - dancing at sunset by the pool with loved one…
When was the last time you did it? Can you leave home, be happy and live to the fullest?


I'm Evelin,

I'm grateful you came to me!

I'll help you restore peace of mind, find a sense of security and heal your body & soul that you can enjoy your life again!

Whether you are an Adult, an Adolescent or a Child...

I understand your concerns and suffering. I have experienced myself stress, loneliness, anguish, mental and physical violence, shock and total collapse into the darkness, severe anxiety, panic attacks which in turn caused migraine and full-body pain with overheating brain and scary unreal symptoms and feelings.

I believed that I go crazy and die...

Are you tired and need a change in your life?

Want to know how I healed myself in 5 days after two and a half months of torture in bed?


Blueprint teaches you how you can help yourself at home and fast...

The Blueprints are based on my personal story and experience, contains the main methods of how I used to help myself.
Methods of how I healed my soul, body & mind from emotional suffering and how I solved my concerns, fear, worry, anxiety and panic attacks.

See, what Hema from India has to says about her healing and read more about how other satisfied people feel today, after meeting me...

Latest news

To be fully healed and feel no more pain and suffering we have to give it enough focus to ascertain the roots thereof!

The roots of pain and suffering must be healed in order to achieve complete healing! 

Today I am grateful for all my past experiences! Now I can use the gift and experience I received from Life to help and heal you!

- Evelin Vahter