I am Evelin Vahter.

I have worked for 20 years in sales and have successfully represented several companies and earned millions for them. I have taken care of my family, friends and close ones, found a way to help and remedy their problems, ever since I remember.

20 years of sales work

Despite my efforts for the benefit of others I may have seemed OK but kept my problems to myself, hiding until I recovered from pain or exhaustion.

After 2 decades of hard work and ignoring my own pain and problems, one day I felt that I was no longer able to act, I had become too drained by circumstances.

Day after day I felt it couldn't continue to burn myself out. I looked up at the sky and begged for silence, rest and peace.

I was fatally tired and the last straw had manifest when my partner abandoned me and moved on. Shortly after, circumstances took their toll and I collapsed.

I was gone for 3 weeks in the dark and for a further 2 months, confined to my bed fighting for my life. I lost instantly 8 kg of my weight, my period stopped and my body was full of pain. I felt electric pins from toes to teeth, chest pain, not to mention deep anguish, sadness, severe migraine, fear, worry, anxiety and panic attacks. It got to the point where I felt I was fighting for my sanity.

Two months in bed, fighting for my life and health

I was worried because I didn't know when it would end.. or what is happening with me.. and is there a way out at all.. the same time I felt how my brain inside the skull only heated. All the symptoms in my body indicated that I was going crazy and soon will die..

After the second month, I discovered that the psychiatrist began to change my family doctor's medication to a stronger one, which I received as a sign that nobody can really help me. I knew medicine would not dissolve my fears, worries, overwork burnout or past experiences.

I felt very alone.. again, which was becoming something of a partner to difficult times. I had to do something - I had my son to consider.

Then it hit me, the medical practitioners who prescribed my medication we're not God and required me to be a 'patient' as they experimented.
After 2 months, I finally found the strength to bin all the medication and began to revisit the healing methods and advice I learned over the last decade or so.

In 6 months, being in total isolation and silence, I went through absolute mental and physical fasting. Throughout this period, twice, I met the other side and experienced the delicate and fragile boundary in between.

 There He stood, with my early dead sister, about 6 m tall, shining in the light of male energy. I realized how he thought, "where do you think you're going, girl?" I realized I had nowhere to escape anymore. I fell to my knees, surrendered to everything, and cried heartbreakingly from the base of my pelvis like a reborn child.

These experiences were the scariest moments of my life, but also the most cleansing, enlightening, and perfect, followed by endless inner silence, peace, full understanding, healing, gratitude, and harmony.

Back, and more alive than ever

For complete healing, I had to go through my unresolved pain and soul wounds to be completely healed and to understand life, meanings who I am, where I am going or what is my path.

Within the healing time, I allowed myself to naturally heal, no drugs or experiments involved.

In other words, I gathered my desire and the last willpower and after 100% focus on myself and my healing:

- I walked out of bed after 2 months in 5 days;
- I was healed from illness in 4 months;
- I was recovered and restored my body power in 6 months;
- I was all clear and I changed my life to 180°! 

To be fully healed and feel no more pain or suffering we have to give it enough focus to ascertain the roots thereof!

Today I am infinitely grateful for the blessings I received and I am now, in turn, to inspired to use my gifts to help and heal others!

Experience-Advisor, Coach-Consultant Certificate May. 2016
 Great classmates with their powerful experiences


I'll help you find a way out of suffering from Stress, Crisis, Loneliness, Burnout, Phobia, Conflict, Domestic Violence, Anxiety- and Panic Disorder, Body Illness, generally, whatever the case may be.

I guide you on how to reunite With Your Lost Self and Return to Your Inner Peace and Prosperity.

The method I use, helps you overcome difficulties, learn from my similar experience, receive guidance and support to cope with your own story, and achieve healing and recovery.

I have used this program for my clients since 2016. During this time, I have performed more than 5 000 hours of client sessions to release symptoms of Crisis, Anxiety and Panic Disorder or etc. 

I have worked with people diagnosed with cancer, as well have been a support person to suicidal people, victims of violence and to individuals labelled as mentally ill or people with the diagnose.

The people I have advised have expressed gratitude and demonstrated positive changes in their social life and world-views and now they are more confident and secure, able to better enjoy the empowerment of their true selves and more greatly enriched lives.

At the Saku TK, I work together with the GPs, by providing my service, since 2016
My experience was trusted and trusted in its effectiveness in helping others, and I was given a midwife's office

I guide you with Blueprint separate steps, how to:

...solve stress, crisis or anguish;
...release, fear, worry or phobias;
...solve painful problems, constant thoughts, conflicts;
...to deal with isolation, loneliness;
...release anxiety or panic attacks;
...heal your physical body from disease & exhaustion;
...restore the full force of your body in 180 days to move on with your life;
...reach endless freedom & euphoria in 60 days;
...change your life 180° degrees in 90 days to follow your passion & dreams;
...find true love, peace & harmony from within.

A bit about of me - who am I..

My Experiences in the field of health study:
The Art of Conscious Change I-II, III, IV, V - Human OU

Imago therapy - Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Private School "Conscious Me" - Rebecca Sears, USA
Hypnotherapy - Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Private School "Conscious Me" - Jure Biechonski, Poland
The journey, meditations and healing methods since 2006.
Experience Counseling and Counselor Training - Avitus MTÜ, 1610, 1610J
Professional Life Coaching Certification ECA Accreditation Empowerment Coach Academy, Louise Anne Maurice
Health Promotion Specialist - Tallinn University
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy - Tallinn University, 9335
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate - Achology Ltd, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
Healthcare Manager Development Program - EBS Executive Education, 2018275

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