Herpes: Psychosomatic Diseases. Louise Hay Table

at least once in his life, but felt a slight discomfort, tingling, itching and showed characteristic bubbles in the area of the lips. All this is a signal to the fact that there was such a problem as herpes. In people, this disease is called a fever or a cold.

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Herpes: Psychosomatic Diseases. Louise Hay Table

Each person in the world, probably at least once in his life, but felt a slight discomfort, tingling, itching and showed characteristic bubbles in the area of the lips. All this is a signal to the fact that there was such a problem as herpes. In people, this disease is called a fever or a cold.

For what reasons this disease appears, has long been known to doctors. This is an infectious pathology that occurs due to the presence in the human body of the same virus, hypothermia, or decreased immunity.

But here is an unequivocal answer to the main question that interests many, why some people have a virus appears several times in life, while others suffer from it almost every month, no. It is for this reason that many scientists and specialists in the field of "subtle matter" believe that inside the person lies the cause provoking herpes. Psychosomatics in this case takes place. But first you need to understand a little about what herpes is and what are the types of the disease.


Herpes is an infectious disease. Once he gets into the human body, he remains in it for life. The virus manifests itself mainly as a rash and has no serious effect on the body.

The most common is herpes of the first and second types. It is mainly expressed in the form of cosmetic disorders.

Herpes psychosomatics

Infection with the herpes virus of the third, fourth and fifth types seriously affects the human body, since it can affect even the central nervous system:

  • 3 type - a type of chickenpox, which manifests itself in the form of childhood illness - chickenpox or as a shingles;
  • 4 type - Epstein-Barr virus or infectious mononucleosis;
  • 5 type - cytomegalovirus.

There are also three types: 6, 7 and 8, although their influence on humans is poorly understood, but scientists believe that they are manifested in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. In other words, the cause of these types is hidden deep inside everyone, and it is necessary to look for it there to help the patient cope with the ailment.


Such a term as "psychosomatic" consists of two Latin words: psyche - the soul and soma - the body. Following this, psychosomatic pathologies are when the patient is physically ill, but here the cause of the ailment needs to be sought in the soul, or rather, in his perception of what is happening around. It can be argued that the emotional and mental state of a person is directly related to the physical.

Psychosomatic illness table Louise Hay

Many scientists who have long been working on finding out the causes of a disease, believe that most of the ailments are psychosomatic, and it is necessary to cure the person's soul, then the disease will go away. But let's see what can happen to a person in life, if in the end will cause psychosomatics herpes on the lips?



Before you understand the depths of the subconscious of a person and find out the cause of herpes, you need to tell about a very interesting fact, which is described by many scientists working on the problem of the causes of herpes in people of different ages. The thing is that herpes, from the point of view of psychosomatics, is most often found in women who decided to devote themselves to serving God and went to live in a monastery. And this is due to some peculiarities of their thinking and way of life.

Psychosomatics herpes on the lips

Everyone knows that life in the monastery presupposes strict rules and restrictions, but women who serve God still remain fragile creatures and slopes to various temptations in the depths of their souls.

And just at the moment when the nun feels the strongest temptation, a cold appears on her lips, which is a symbol of the struggle against the nature of man and personal convictions. That's why there is an opinion that the herpes appears in those people who are experiencing the strongest conflicts within themselves, for example, believe that sexual relations are something dirty and out of the ordinary, but they ignore their libido.

Also this category includes people who are characterized by feelings of guilt, ambivalent emotions - they really want to, but need, or pathological accuracy, manifested in fear to get dirty and look ridiculous in the eyes of others and much more.


In addition, there is another cause that causes herpes. Psychosomatics in this case is associated with restrained anger and, in particular, the habit of condemning everyone around them. That's why experts believe that it is necessary to understand first what concerns a person, and only then start to treat an infectious disease. To do this, prescribe antibiotics, and why poison the body, if you just need to help a person deal with their fears and other problems in the shower?


To more herpes did not appear on the lips, you need to change attitudes to life and what is happening around. It is necessary to understand that sex life is not dirt and condemnation, but a natural need of a person. After all, it allows you to appear to the offspring. The main thing is to love yourself first, and after your partner.

Herpes zoster psychosomatics

Also, the relationship to the opposite sex must also be affected. There is not a single person in the world who could become different, because someone wants it or because of their gender. Old barriers should not stand in the way of a new happy life.


To calm your anger, irritability, it is better to speak out right away, then nobody will be bothered by herpes. Psychosomatics has long been studied by scientists, and they have been able to prove that any, even the most insignificant disease that has emerged from nowhere, is a consequence of the illness of the soul. It is necessary simply to speak out and remove all your doubts, and the ailment will pass without any medication.


Very often people turn to the doctor with the fact that they are very sore inside the nose, there is often a small spotting and dryness. This is another form of herpes, because it can affect not only the mucous of the genitals and mouth, but also the nose.

The internal state of a person can also lead to the appearance of herpes in the nose. Psychosomatics of this disease is due to the fact that people simply can not "take the spirit" of someone to bear. How to see a particular person, so inside them everything just bubbles. This phenomenon is the strongest hatred and hostile attitude.

Herpes in the nose of psychosomatics


It is also worth noting that it is this internal state of a person that can provoke herpes zoster. Psychosomatics of it can also be associated with an oppressed state. It manifests itself in the case when a person for a long time is something very upset.


Rash on the labia is another form of herpes, which also often bothers people. If you correctly approach the problem and begin urgent therapy, then in a couple of weeks you can forget about it. But it is worth saying that the inner state of the soul can also be the cause that caused genital herpes.

Psychosomatics here is associated with a sense of guilt, which is most often experienced by a person in connection with certain prohibitions. The disease can be considered a kind of punishment for the appearance of indecent desire, when common sense understands that it is taboo, but at the same time I want to try so much.

Infection with the herpes virus

Herpes on the genitals can appear in people who can not for some reason realize their secret desires and implement them. To eliminate the ailment will be possible only if the above-described reasons are solved. Perhaps the patient should reconsider their views on those points that previously wanted to hide as deep as possible from other people. As soon as this happens, psychosomatics will disappear.


The disease table (Louise Haye presented it in one of her books) helps to figure out what can provoke the appearance of a particular ailment and how to properly understand it in order to eventually remove the cause of the pathology, thus healing the body.


The famous writer Louise Hei has been engaged for a long time in that it helps a person to understand himself and find out what ultimately provokes the appearance of a disease. Her book allowed everyone to understand what psychosomatics is. The disease table (Louise Hay has long worked on it) is the perfect guide for those who want to harmonize with their inner self and what surrounds it. In her, by the way, there is also genital herpes or venereal diseases. This is what provokes their appearance:

  • Belief in the fact that sex is the strongest sin;
  • A sense of shame;
  • Faith in the fact that there will be a heavenly punishment from what even thought about the connection with the opposite sex;
  • Dislike of the genitals.

Louise Hay says that you can be cured if you consider that everything natural is normal. They created a man like that, and one should not be ashamed, especially his body. Once a person takes all this, the disease will go away.

Simple herpes, which is also called bubble deprivation, can be caused by a strong desire to do things badly if a person has an unspoken, which oppresses him and gives no peace. In this case, you need to love yourself and everyone around you. Forgive all grievances, express unsaid and settle in your soul only love and peace, and all by itself to be resolved.


So, in order to get rid of herpes, it is necessary to find the cause of the disease, and it is necessary to search for it inside the person, therefore the doctor should appoint not only a laboratory examination, but also a visit to the psychologist.

As soon as the specialist finds what has been so patient for so long, and will help solve all his mental problems, then the illness will go away and maybe not one.


Herpes in terms of psychosomatics

After all, according to the table of Louise Hay, all the diseases are hidden in the human soul. Here are the recommendations for combating such pathologies:

  1. If the herpes appeared on the lip, then it is necessary to express everything that has long been carried within itself. You just need to take a blank sheet of paper to write on it everything that was bothering and troubling, then to break it and thereby free yourself from the oppressive.
  2. Herpes in the nose can be removed if you do not keep the evil within you. It is only to free the soul from it, and the illness will go away.
  3. Genital herpes is directly related to how a person looks at intimate relationships. Until he takes all this for granted and does not learn how to love his body and understand that everything is natural in sex, the disease will not go away.


Herpes is not a very pleasant disease, but it is one of the simplest manifestations of psychosomatics. At the place of his appearance, one can at once say that he oppresses man. It is only necessary to remove all internal problems, you can forget about the illness forever. In order not to resort to cardinal measures and not to take antibiotics, you just need to talk with a psychologist, solve your mental problems and everything - the disease is cured.

Source: https://en.atomiyme.com/herpes-psychosomatic-diseases-louise-hay-table/

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