Anthocyanin - red, blue, purple dye in the vegetable cells, less common in cell-wall

Anthocyanin - the guarantor of elasticity and softness of the blood vessels, longevity and vitality!
Older blood vessels rigidity, which in turn can increase blood pressure and impair blood circulation, but it is there that the body gets the nutrients and oxygen that the tissues need. Also, nutrition and oxygen supply to the brain is very important because they also help to remove toxins - to remove harmful substances from the body.

Foods containing anthocyanin (mg per 100 g of product):
- Sweet potato (purple) 53 mg - sweet potatoes (may also help lower cholesterol)
- Eggplant 86 mg
- Grapes (red, black)
- Cabbage (red) 40 mg
- Strawberries
- Blackberries 173 mg
- Blueberries 161 mg
- Black currant 592 mg
Irisin in metabolic diseases

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