Suffering! Why we are still suffering from anxiety?

Why people were not been able to overcome years of existing depression and anxiety? 
I could not believe that suffering can ever end until my collapse. I fall into the dark hole and to bed for 2-3 months. Reached severe anxiety- and panic disorder for 3 months.

I was fatally tired and the last straw had manifest; when my partner abandoned me and moved on. Shortly after, circumstances took their toll and I collapsed.

I was then very ill for a further 2 months, confined to my bed fighting for my life. I lost instantly 8 kg of my weight, my period stopped and my body was full of pain, not to mention severe migraine, anxiety and panic attacks. It got to the point where I felt I was fighting for my sanity. 

I believed I go crazy and die.

During the second month, I discovered that the psychiatrist began to change my family doctor's medication to a stronger one, which I received as a sign that nobody can really help me. I knew medicine would not dissolve my fears, worries, overwork burnout or past experiences.... 

If I had not experienced it, I would not believe that there is a way out...

Why people were not been able to overcome years of existing depression and anxiety?

My opinion is:
- People might not be getting the best help and support to heal and recover from it.
- People might still believe medication miracle even they use sedatives AD or sleeping pills already years, but still no healing.
- People might be not ready to work with their mental health and emotional problems.
- People might be not ready to admit  their weakness yet and an inability to solve their own problems instead of asking for help.
- People might be not ready to invest in their mental health
- People might believe investment in material things like meds, longer eyelashes or new tv.
- People might believe that anxiety is a mental disease that needs to be treated with meds.

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Anxiety - Allow Yourself to get Help!

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