Why anxiety happens

Why anxiety happens? Why anxiety happens at night? Everyone's experience anxiety in theyr life, especially in early life, only reason is that then we ​​do not know how to differentiate and articulate these symptoms, but we are face with it already..
Anxiety is a consequence - it means that the problem has started somewhere. In most cases, it starts with the first major stressor or trauma, and then the suppression and pressure effects of additional stressors in life.
At some point, the cup of suffering will be too full for the body to carry this burden and it will start giving error so that you notice it, to take time off and put this burden down.

Toxins in our diet and side effects of medicines have an additional effect, which can cause physical ailments and this in turn makes us worry about our health, but I will write about health anxiety and the benefit of fasting - body cleaning, in another blog.

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anxiety and panic attacks starts after long period of suffering or stress or tension in a mental level, which actually activates subconscious, and opens up emotions, feelings, what we have actually covered up from our past, so, after long stress, tension, suffering, if we reach anxiety and panic attacks, it means, we have something to deal with - from the past

Identify your repressed emotions, release them and enjoy your inner peace!


What causes anxiety?

Everyone's story, past, or experience is different, so you can never say what is the cause of your anxiety. This can be known by getting to the core, or roots, of the problem.

And there can be many of these things, feelings, emotions that cause anxiety and anxiety problems. In other words, there are many, many factors involved

In client work, in the stories of anxious and anxious clients or panic attacks, quite a few pieces of thread come out, based on which we can say that the roots are still mainly from childhood, where our first experiences take place and our expectations for love and care are high. In other words, a child in his first years of life, when his self-image is just beginning to develop, his self-confidence and vulnerability are under constant attack.

Here are the main core reasons I have noticed in customer work:
past or childhood experiences, survivals

experiences in childhood, at school
relationships with loved ones
momentary period in life
work stress and collective relations
circle of friends, loneliness (I will talk more about this in another blog)
physical health
mental health problems

Let's talk a little about what those childhood experiences are that can trigger anxiety in the second year or later.

Difficult experiences in childhood, adolescence or adulthood are frequent triggers of anxiety problems. Experiencing stress and trauma at a very young age is likely to have a particularly large impact. Experiences that can cause anxiety problems include things like:

physical or emotional abuse
staying home alone for hours
lack of parental interest
not knowing the parent
losing a parent through death
bullying and social exclusion
poverty, living in deprivation, experiencing hunger
racist attitudes because of skin color, religion or culture
trauma can be experienced by adults who have experienced excessive care or excessive worry or control by parents or grandparents during their childhood

Your current living situation
What is happening in your life right now?
What makes you happy or unhappy?
Or is there anything that gives you joy or motivation at all?

All these questions can be clarified during counseling, after which the clients are as if lifted and found a new space in themselves to fill with goodness.

What is it that creates tension in everyday life and is a trigger for anxiety:
suppressing past worries
constant self-pressure
general exhaustion
accumulation of stress
life changes, moves, divorces
power struggle at home/friendship/work team
pressure from society
the compulsion to constantly learn, develop
long working hours, working in multiple positions
money problems
unemployed, received layoff notice
housing problems/homelessness/not owning a home
worry about life, natural disasters, wars
friendship changes,
quarrels and conflicts
loss of a loved one, grief
pandemics, isolations, intimidation
abuse, bullying or harassment, including experiencing racism.

Physical and mental problems:
One of people's greatest fears is their health, and when there are signs of change in it, it triggers anxiety, which in turn leads to anxiety, so-called:
tumors/incurable diseases
fighting pain
susceptibility to viral or cold diseases, i.e. low immune system
allergies/food intolerances
binge eating/appetite/reflux
menopause/hot flashes
sleep disorders, insomnia
depression, constant sadness
suicidal thoughts, blurring of the meaning of life
psychiatric drugs that cause mental mood changes
alcohol/drugs that can cause hallucinations, without schizophrenia, and the startle triggered by experiencing them causes worry and creates the ground for the development of anxiety.

Why anxiety happens at night? Anxiety starts with worrying - overthinking and especially in a relaxed state, about that I will write in the next blog post.

I will add again, it is possible to come out of this and overcome anxiety totally. You just have to take the first steps in self-help, and no one has to do it alone.

The first step - you have to agree with yourself that it is necessary, you can accept help, and start moving in this direction to allow a specialist to help you - and the result will be more and more wonderful every time.

They are often afraid.. of what will happen and what will arise when I go to therapy. But what comes to the surface is only the repressed pain and suffering that you have carried inside you for years, which you can simply, with tears look at it, put it away, let go with saying goodbye and lovingly accept a new and brighter place where it is ease to be.

With love
Evelin Vahter

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Wishing you a healing journey!

DISCLAIMER: This materials is purely for educational purposes. There is no promise or guarantee that you will be healed or recovered by using the information in this video. This is not medical advice. Your success from following these steps will depend on your background, prior knowledge, level of effort and other factors. I've take all reasonable steps to make sure that the information and resources in the video are correct.

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