WHO suicide rates

In 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) published the report Preventing suicide: a global imperative, with the aim of increasing awareness of the public health significance of suicide, as well as making suicide prevention a high priority on the global public health agenda. 
Using the estimates from the WHO, the following visualization presents suicide rates for different countries over time – you can add countries by clicking "add country" in the bottom left of the chart. While most countries do not exhibit clear trends, it is evident that there are marked cross-country differences in levels.

IHME suicide deaths by age

In the chart below we see the number of suicide deaths per year, categorised by age group from 1990 onwards. Note that this data can be explored for any country using the "change country" function of the interactive graph.

In 2016, the IHME estimates a total of around 817,000 suicide deaths. This represents a small reduction from the late 1990s where annual deaths were around 850,000-860,000. The largest share of suicides is within the 15-49 year olds category which accounts for approximately 60 percent of deaths.

Source: https://ourworldindata.org/suicide

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